Stages of Consciousness (Si)


Si: Ego

Those who are closest to you may know you to be an “earthy” person. You have an appreciation for the subtle textures in life, the heartfelt investment of your energy, and for the simple joys that can be found every day when we look for them. You put yourself into your work and you have a deep appreciation for what you have come to build and nurture. You have an appreciation for the wisdom of time. Others may see you as an old soul.

If you had to pick, you’d say you’re more of a tortoise than a hare. While others are quicker and flashier, they also burn out faster, while you endure the seasons. You’ve likely seen many people in your life do things too rashly, and are often offering your advice on how people can learn to create the future they desire with a bit of patience and pacing.

But you’re not without your own unique spark. You love a good time, and enjoy being spontaneous and silly, although you feel you can do this best around those who have known you the longest. They bring you back to a younger time, and you can be very creative, goofy and child-like.

You have a nostalgic sense of taste, and have a tendency to feel strong affection for recurring sounds/music, sensations, sceneries and places. You have a few secret hideaways that you keep close to you – and you like to share them with those you love. You may be a lover of the countryside, and have (or have thought about getting) a house away from the business of the city. You like to “set roots” wherever you land. You don’t feel good about being uprooted too often, and prefer to build up a place where you have the freedom to add your personal aesthetic. You may be known for your collection of knickknacks – precious rocks, coins or vintage items – and are a bit of a trivia expert or historian for the topics you enjoy the most.

Si: Conscious

You understand the world as a series of interlocking puzzle pieces and you like to find those pieces that fill the gaps in your present understanding. You enjoy learning, and are a collector of information, whether that’s in books, textbooks, world history, maps or trivia. You always try to form a larger and more cohesive map of life by adding more layers to your collage. When thoughts come to you, your way of contextualizing them is through noticing their similarities to other things you’ve encountered (“I read a book on a similar topic to that”) and you use this intuitive correlating ability as a spring-board for further expansion and elaboration.

Because of this approach to information archiving, you often explain your thoughts to others using anecdotes and stories. Your own firsthand exposure is something you don’t underestimate, and use it as a guide for your navigation through life. Still you remain curious toward reality and enjoy entertaining alternate angles to things. You have an ability to reframe information and organize those same puzzle pieces into a different arrangement, in order to better explain and account for your evolving experience of life.

Si: Subconscious

You have an impressionistic registration of information and memories. Literal data such as facts, times or places, rarely stay in focus for long. After a moment passes, the conceptual imprint left behind by them soon dissipates into the unconscious, where it takes an ambiguous form. Because of this, multiple repetitions are needed in order for new routines or habits to be formed. Tasks have a tendency to be performed in a rote manner without meaningful engagement or connection to the practice.

As you traverse life, you are guided toward or away from certain objects or places by this visceral sense of familiarity. In other cases, anxieties will be felt toward certain situations and people which may seem irrational, confusing and unfounded.

Si: Unconscious

Your attention to objects is fleeting, as you impulsively leap from one stimulation to the next; often forgetting the previous moment immediately. Some may describe you as inattentive, scatterbrained and undisciplined. You may invest a lot of mental energy toward certain endeavors, but may feel like there’s a hole at the bottom of the pan; what goes in soon goes back out.

You have a fear of being tied down too long or too often to certain ideas or places, and you may feel suffocated under the wing of an institution. You are a rebel, and both love and hate being unanchored. On one hand, it gives you the liberty you so desire in the moment, but it also limits your broader career options by disallowing a meaningful pursuit of any direction.

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