Stages of Consciousness (Se)


Se: Ego

You are someone who loves experiencing reality in all of its vivid details. From glowing sunsets to the rush of wind on your face, you love vibrance, and the freedom that comes with tactile exploration. You are an animated person and have a magnetic energy that will often pull others to you. You enjoy a variety of stimuli and have an appreciation for heightened sensory experiences. You often act as a catalyst in conversations, and you enjoy instigating daring activities in your friend-group – sometimes being the first to try new things.

You are nimble, agile in your medium, and you never miss a beat. You are in touch with times & fashions, intuitively picking up on what others are into and experimenting with the cutting edge. However, you’re by no means restricted by these styles, and can be a trend-setter yourself. You like to refine your sense of style and technique in order to fit your personal expression.

Your experience of memory is cinematic. Real-time experiences call forth previous experiences in all the vividness of their original detail, offering alongside of them an awareness of how to maneuver the present reality. This gives you a sharp athletic or somatic acuity, and a general appreciation for the arts. You like going places that trigger these experiences in you, and have a fondness for certain smells, sounds or tastes. You have a type of nostalgia that is triggered by whatever evokes those sensations back into the present – causing a reliving of the experience – and less so by specific places or origins.

You can get impatient at times when not enough is happening in your surroundings. And your on-the-edge lifestyle can sometimes get you into trouble, as you occasionally cross the boundary of what’s socially acceptable or responsible. Still, you try to find ways to maximize your experiences within your existing situation, wherever that may be.

Se: Conscious

Your way of taking in the world is nuanced; you’re always paying close attention to the subtle atmosphere that gives the present the qualities that it holds. You have a zest for well-choreographed sensations, and enjoy being immersed or consumed by the vivid qualities of life. You like to dabble with new mediums and experiences, often picking up on the craft seamlessly through your ability to quickly adapt your senses to its rhythm.

You take note of where things are in a situation, where they’re likely to flow, and you are ready to be there when they arrive. You like to nurture an understanding between experience and fluid motion. Whether it’s through photography, dance, yoga, aromatherapy, or even racing or extreme sports — you enjoy things that give you “presence” and amplify that one-to-one translation between the physical and mental.

You can’t stand a life without flavor. You seek for ways to inspire or evoke a heightened and rich experience, and often design your appearance or your home around that principle. When you feel bravest, you like to live life at maximum throttle, and can be quite the daredevil. You have a latent adrenaline junkie inside of you, which comes out at the right moments or with the right people.

Se: Subconscious

Your attention to the environment is intermittent, often lacking focus and engagement. From moment to moment, you are guided by a vague, impressionistic sense and you have a tendency to avoid heightened lights, sounds or discomforts. Connecting with your environment can be disorienting and you fit aptly into the Highly Sensetive Person (HSP) spectrum. Navigating reality becomes stressful, and you can become impatient with your own disconnect.

Because of this disconnect, you’re often forced to synthesize your situation using the few points of data you collect, leading to a non-situational responses to the present. You may hearken back to more stereotypical explanations of events or thematic assumptions rather than comprehending the situation for its present qualities. You’ll have an impulse to ignore what doesn’t fit these assumptions and revert to familiar hypotheses.

Se: Unconscious

You don’t live in the present moment, and you have to try hard to engage with the reality around you. As you actively avoid new places and situations, limiting your interaction with the outside world (being by default suspicious of change), you come to depend more and more on a world which is largely of your own creation. You have a narrow band of information intake, whether it’s a single website, newspaper or small group of people. This can cause a runaway effect of intuition, where more hypotheses are created from previous ones – leading you to form very unique perspectives about life, significance and the universe.

This will cause a strong level of detachment from the world, where you may feel that you exist on a totally different wavelength or reality from those around you. This may cause great difficulties in day-to-day life, as you try to explain your perspective but manifest cryptically. As others lack the sensory context from which your ideas formed, it may be hard to tie your thoughts down to something tangible or relatable to others.

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