Stages of Consciousness (Ni)

Ni: Ego

Your experience of the present is always informed and laden by the longstanding trends you see, which interrelate different cultural and social ideas together into one unbroken continuum. You have an unshakeable, recurring sense of how this moment is but one bead in a long chain spanning into the past and future, propelled forward into predetermined outcomes through a global inertia. Some may describe you as fatalistic, but you feel that others underestimate the causal weight behind certain forces. You naturally filter down possibilities and direct your focal point towards probability, but this may lead to an overly narrowed and closed perspective at times.

You’ve often developed a reputation as a “seer” among those who know you best. You can make a lot of conclusions from a few points of data; every impression you experience is felt as arising from a pattern with a wider reach, even though this pattern may only be partially understood to you. The specific moments you come across in life are far less important to you than the thematic realities they represent, and which you archive daily to form a greater and more accurate map of how the world works.

You have a view of reality that is far-reaching both in its metaphorical scope and sense of time, and this may lead you to feel timeless and disconnected from your culture and immediate surroundings. You feel that appearances can be deceiving and you aim to discover what lies behind the scenes or out of plain sight. You sometimes lack the ability to imagine alternatives to your singular vision, seeing certain things as inevitable. Because of this, whenever the target happens to be outside of your predictive range, your suspicions may seem like unwarranted superstitions or conspiracies to others. This can be especially challenging when you lack the words to communicate the subtle dynamics at work and how they bring about the current landscape, regardless of the specific conclusions that manifest at any given time.

Ni: Conscious

You are someone who likes to perceive reality by tracking the evolution of themes; whether its in your personal social group or on a global level. You hone your perceptive focus around how a few facts can be responsible for wide reaching impacts, and you use the subtle details you see to read into bigger societal effects or into the personal qualities of people.

You enjoy exploring the continuity between the physical and the psychological/spiritual, the personal and the collective, or the societal and the aeonic. You viscerally archive sensory inputs into a mental plot graph and draw a line of best fit to project the trajectories of different platforms. You are rarely without an intuitive suspicion about where a certain field will go, and have a general appreciation of how every field of life affects all others in a holistic way.

You also have a more selected focus on certain topics, where your understanding is strongest. In these fields, your sense of anticipation can be almost prophetic to those around you – while you see it as nothing magical. When things happen as you anticipated, you may remain unimpressed – as the realization of the event already happened for you internally. You have a steady and settled perspective of the world which gives you a level of resistance toward the chaotic and spontaneous. You prefer to be methodical and focused and are selective about your impulsiveness.

Ni: Subconscious

Your experience of the present will be difficult to synthesize within a consistent schema. As associations are brought to mind by the present, they will be incomplete – often connecting things together in muddled or criss-crossed ways. This may cause erroneous projections of outcomes and a general confusion about the future. When you try to rationalize using a broader global context, your ideas will get farther and farther from reality the more you elaborate.

You may find yourself avoiding certain things because of superstition, or refusing to try new experiences because a bad feeling looms over the thought. At times a single bad sensory experience can cause an irrational avoidance of an entire genre or topic.

Ni: Unconscious

You live your life with a notable divorce from any past or future context. You have a hard time escaping the immediacy of your experience or slowing down enough to grasp the wide-scale effects which result from this moment. The metaphorical and mysterious are not topics you like to dabble with; preferring to deal only with what you can clearly sense.

Some may see you as being shallow or vain; having little to say outside of your immediate tastes and interests. You compensate for this lack of foresight with quick adaptation to the situation, but this approach will be quite taxing and ultimately imperfect. Your lifestyle will inevitably lead to logistical problems due to a lack of anticipation, causing repeated mistakes and violations of social laws.

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