Stages of Consciousness (Ne)

Ne: Ego

People may describe you as a “dreamer”. You have a wild sense of imagination which enjoys making clever, spontaneous and farfetched interconnections between ideas or things. You can find a way to relate even the most disconnected concepts, although the outcome may be amusingly ridiculous. You are an animated, playful, lively and curious person who has one foot in reality and one in wonderland. Sometimes you feel quite detached from reality, and enjoy remaining adrift between different speculations. You are free spirited and like to upgrade your perception of life continually. Because of this, you are also transient in both your interest and attention; gravitating always to where your inspiration takes you next.

You can be a bit of an idealist, as you remain optimistic about the possibility of accomplishing great things. You rarely disregard the idea of something being possible, and like to entertain notions, philosophies or even people which others are far more suspicious of. This accepting energy can be contagious, as you have a way of lifting away limitations from people’s minds through your optimism.

Stemming from this receptivity, you can easily become immersed in many genres and are quick to assimilate mountains of facts into a working understanding. This immersion into diverse fields, often completely opposite of one another, can lead to the formation of a very hodgepodge identity and worldview. You are an eclectic collector of ideas and enjoy assimilating them all under a single umbrella.

At times your own energy can be too much for you to handle, and you may experience yourself as being scattered or unfocused. When the present moment or conversation brings associations into your mind, your attention branches endlessly from every idea – leading to a loss of the original thread. While this makes you an excellent brainstormer, it can also be debilitating and even paralyzing when confronted with a large task that requires linear focus and perseverance.

Ne: Conscious

You are dabbler and juggler of ideas. You like to entertain hypothetical scenarios, especially those that compound separate theories together. You have an integral approach to information, and like to interrelate everything in as many ways as possible. You carry a child-like sense of wonder always about you, which motivates you to look at things with fresh eyes and from rather unusual perspectives. You like to abandon convention and normalcy; experimenting in your own fantastical direction.

You love to explore uncharted territory, and are deeply fascinated by what lies at the edge of our understanding, as the unknown gives your mind an endless puzzle to muse over. Still, different isn’t always better, and your uniquely formed perception of the world can lead to a detachment from reality, and a degree of naivete about how the world truly operates. You may become immersed in fictional worlds (whether in video games, books or media), abandoning reality periodically.

Self expression is important to you, and you enjoy giving life and form to your ideas. You are a creator; driven to manifest, in some way, the stories and sensations you form in your mind. Your sense of creativity will often display a mishmash of different styles, or a unique style formed from this conjunction. Often we will find a witty, comedic levity in your work, as your nature is not the most weighted, and your energy carries a youthful playfulness.

Ne: Subconscious

You often experience a level of confusion with new input, as it takes you a while to figure out what to do about evolving situations. In new environments, you may often feel overwhelmed, as if the world is moving too quickly. You don’t always have the best sense of perception, and details slip by your nose due to this lack of ability to accurately absorb information. Spontaneity is not in your nature, and your attention is quickly diverted to familiar patterns and interpretations, rather than alternative speculations.

When confronted with a truly new scenario, you may feel hesitant, lost and will begin to speculate imaginatively or suspiciously into the uncharted. These imaginations can be quite fantastical, often unreliable and fueled by superstitions. Because of this, if at all possible you try to find ways to connect your present to your existing memories and concepts. This can lead to a self-reinforcing cycle of ideas, and stagnation in perspective over time.

Ne: Unconscious

You feel very uncomfortable questioning the underlying assumptions of specific ideas about life and your personal reality. You have an active resistance to change, and feel unsettled whenever the environment or situation shifts unexpectedly. When faced with a completely original situation or data, you may directly ignore the situation or aim to rationalize the data (through distortion) to fit a preexisting paradigm.

You may have a very narrow and static perspective of life and everyone’s place within it. But your reluctance can often lead you into trouble with family and coworkers, as life demands a level of flexibility that is challenging to you.

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