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I like questions, hehe!
I’m not so good with answers, though, hahaha!
Put that in there.


Well, it comes from love, and that’s a word that describes something that’s a feeling, something that’s an emotion, and something that’s a force. And after being around for 66 years, I’ve seen, experienced this force of love, and it seems to be the strongest force, the most prevalent force in the universe. And that’s where I draw my inspiration.


All light and everything comes from that light, and it breaks down the same, three primaries and those three come from the white, and that comes from the clear. So, I don’t know, I’ve seen all these things over 66 years kind of prove themselves over and over and other things fall to the wayside.


I would describe myself as a tragedy. That’s how I would describe myself. I can very much relate being raised a white man in the middle class ’50s. I can, from what I’ve gone through as a musician, an artist, I can really relate to women and black people and other people who don’t get the same… I don’t want to say opportunities, but aren’t treated the same in society. Now I’m a musician, most musicians I know and I have heard this my whole life, “You’ve gotta find something else to do”, because this just, you know, show business and the music business and so and so forth, it’s virtually impossible to make a living at it. And most musicians, most artists do not, they do something else or they forget it completely and just have to learn and do something else. So I’ve been through all that through my whole life, starving-artist syndrome, stuff like that. And because of my health, my health problems, that made my life a tragedy.


Well that’s because those things are important, but they’re not as important as the power of love that has manifested itself in my life. And if it wasn’t for that I probably would have checked out a long time ago. But, and that’s what’s important in life. I mean these other things are important, how you’re going to support yourself and your dreams, you know, and the talent you have and developing it and bringing it forth to the world and making a living that way, those are important things. What’s most important is love and mercy, that’s more important than anything. And it’s behind all this stuff, it’s around all this stuff.


I see that it’s, um… Well I guess there’s a lot of analogies, one would be an egg, it’s ripe and the egg’s cracking and the new life form is coming out, getting ready to come out. And that’s, and you see this with the people that have been oppressed over the years by the patriarchal bullshit, uh, are coming out. And you see that with the women, they’re talking about things like that now a lot that this is the time for women to bring their point of view into the picture much more than before and that’s part of what’s bringing about this change. Y’know, we may have our first woman president and all that stuff, and then, that’s all part of this big change that’s taking place right now.


Well, a lot of things. The men, mostly, that have taken over and run the show, and have done this all along for thousands of years, they’re not going to just give up, give our assets back and report to prison, they’re not gonna do that. So it’s probably going to get really awful and ugly for years. That’s just the way it is, you know. You’ve got, especially with these fundamentalist religions, they want to kill each other, and they will, and it’s gonna tear things up. But the survivors will be able to go on, and the authoritarian rulers won’t be able to keep going, they’re gonna wipe each other out. And they won’t be able to take over again, they won’t be able to get that edge of, you know, keeping dominance through propaganda and lies and just sheer force, they won’t have that anymore. So, after we go through this, things will, everything will run smoother because all the things that have plagued human kind all these centuries, the disease, poverty, war, blah, blah, blah… those things will be greatly reduced. Plus we’ve got, we’re gonna have greater advancements in medicine and technology and all that to work for our benefit, and all these things will work for us instead of against us.



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