Oprah Winfrey (Analysis)

To fellow countrymen and foreigners alike, Oprah Winfrey’s influence on American television is well-known. Over the years, she has established a recognizable formula for the talk show, centered on personal development and emotional sharing, and currently culminating in a “Lifeclass” broadcast through her own network. It should therefore be relatively unequivocal to suggest that, from a vultological perspective, her cognitive type is lead by the process of Proactive/Extraverted Ethical Judgement, also abbreviated “Fe”.

Amidst a wealth of expression, one of the signature traits of this disposition is the direction of the smile, which extends diagonally through powerful zygomatic muscles. Even though the face is conveying emotion to a notable degree, it is not induced by the contraction of the muscles above the upper lip, which remained comparatively relaxed. The resulting beam thus appears both warm and inviting.

smile synthesis

Figure 1 : Oprah Winfrey’s communicative smile

Eventually, this particular manifestation is only a part of a more complete effort to coordinate the expression toward a presentation which adequately reflect the moral intent of the individual. Concurrently with the face, the voice is imbued with liveliness through calculated rhythm and melody. Most importantly, the sentences are continuously emphasized by gestures from the hands and sometimes the whole body. When Fe is driving the primary oscillation of the type, almost every word and gesticulation should appear “on-beat”, which incites the observer to refer to it as belonging to the “Articulator” quadrant.

exacting gesture synthesis

Figure 2 : A sequence of exacting motions

Still, it might seems a little perplexing at first to note that such an effusive, some would say “generous” individual, could in contrast manifest quite a tough and assertive exterior.

upset synthesis

Figure 3 : A range of recurring strict countenances

One way to understand this dilemma is to systematically compose Fe as a “Proactive“, a “Judgement” and an “Ethical” process.

In short, being “Proactive” implies that the operation is to generate its own momentum toward the environment. Likewise, its dynamic as “Judgement” should amount to the installation of consistent boundaries between the confronted objects. Hence, as soon as the situation would appear inconsistent with the objective criteria, the individual shall be inclined to expend its energy accordingly to reestablish a suitable order. The corresponding demeanor is subsequently controlled, rigid, and forward-leaning, and as have been observed in the basic video course on Judgement and Perception, is often spontaneously attributed to figures of authority.

Ultimately, its definition as “Ethical” suggests that the criteria itself should derive from a nuanced variation of the binary divide between “good” and “bad”. While this may result in the promotion of an overwhelmingly positive attitude, it should also account for a of a variety of correspondingly negative feelings, if only to address the upset of this positivity.

However, the decisive nature of these psychological stances should not be immediately confused with typical physical traits which are only residual from their enactment. Indeed, in a prevalent Fe-user, the zygomatic muscles are often toned enough for being used to convey emotions that they stay taut even at rest, which can evoke a contrarian mindset.

Additionally, the contraction of the occulari muscles accompanying the expression of a secondary oscillation between Reactive/Introverted Abstract Perception, also abbreviated (Ni), and Proactive/Extraverted Concrete Perception, also abbreviated (Se), might produce alternatively a seemingly “unimpressed” glare, which sometimes develops into a concentrated scowl, and an intense fixation with the eyelids peeled to the brim.  The blend of synthetic and linear thinking which characterizes this cognitive pairing might also contribute further to a straightforward direction of the psyche. The overall type is then designated as FeNi or Alever.

All in all, one would be hard-pressed to consider that such a talent for communication and will for good should flow immediately toward success. As the regulatory impetus of Fe ought to indicate, the course might be more akin to a continuous struggle for personal values, which Oprah Winfrey recently compared, in an interview to ABC News to “climbing Kilimandjaro”.

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