Philip Lester (Analysis)

Philip Lester, better known as AmazingPhil, is a NeFi comedian and youtube vlogger. He exemplifies a very raw and unchecked Ne energy, which manifests in countless parodies, memetic references and mini-skits.


His eyes, although appearing a little Se-esque in certain still shots (due to the way he perks them up for effect) display the entire specturm of Ne-Si signals as well as psychology. Above we see several examples of Si scowls, with the outer edges of the brow falling over the edges of the eyes, and the center of the brow elevated slightly upward. We also see Ne toggling; a casual movement of the eyes without heavily fixating on aspects of the environment.

In this video, we also see a wide array of Fi’s asymmetrical expressions and smiles, as seen in the images/timestamps below:


In the left-most image of this strip, we see the beginnings of a giddy Fi smile. In the second-left image we see an asymmetrical pulling up toward the right, alongside convex lips. In the center image we see asymmetrical pulling upward to the right again. Next, in the second-right image we see a pulling downward, while the upper lip is suppressed downward into a concave position. And in the right-most image we see a giddy smile with the corners of the lips curling upward while the center of the lips remains concave. These expressions are seen throughout his entire video, alongside his very active and divergent energy.

Ne Momentum & Mini-Skits

His Ne’s momentum is incredibly free and scattered. His attention hops from one topic to another, often playfully bringing up related events or enactments. In moments such as when he tells the story of his family members treating him as a child (camera cuts to head-pat), when his grandmother danced with him ….or when the A/C began to turn off… he embeds a situational tangent into his videos. This is very indicative of Pe, but in his particular case we see parodies as expressed by Ne. Even though the above video is framed for the audience to some level, his performance still reflects the same modality in his many other unscripted videos.

Te Avalanching

There’s also a Te-velocity to his psychology, which accelerates into and beyond the topics at hand with ease, and without any striking emotional effort/investment. Situations are still conveyed/stated as a matter-of-fact, although not in any bold way.

We often find this attitude in energetic NeFi; there’s an awareness of logistical happenings and consequences, but they’re observed with amusement and addressed without weighing down their playful energy.

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