Dwayne Johnson (Analysis)

Even though all cognitive functions should play a part in the outcome of social relationships, proactive/extraverted ethical judgement, also abbreviated Fe, may prove to be the most immediately responsive to interpersonal definition. In a variety of cultures, this might be considered a feminine trait. Since type distribution appears to be impervious to biological gender, this could raise the question of how an individual with Fe as a leading process should develop independently of this frame of reference. With the help of vultulogy, one may very well find such a person in Dwayne Johnson.

If one applies the criteria of typological signals to the wealth of his public appearances, Dwayne Johnson status as a Fe-lead should not raise much objection. Throughout the interviews, the man never misses an opportunity to compliment his audience with a radiant smile, which extends toward the ears without a hint of central tension. Likewise, his voice tone is rich and varied, alternating mostly between a warm swelling and a brief neutralisation, according to intent. Of course, the whole act would not be complete without the contribution of a purposefully coordinated gesticulation, which emphasizes the most significant aspects of the speech. Even in the most exciting setting, Dwayne Johnson’s solid composure is not overthrown by his own proactive flow, and stay adequately on-beat.

asmile synthesis jpeg

Figure 1 : Dwayne Johnson’s horizontal smile

asmile neutralization synthesis jpeg

Figure 2 : Dwayne Johnson smiles to his host, then to the audience, and quickly neutralize

If one was to remove the improvisational factor of live television for a couple of minutes, for example by examining the execution of his scripted masterclass about depression, one might see the Fe process in its most clear state, fully dedicated to the communication of its ethical dynamic, not even wasting a breath.

Although not a signal per se, one may consider as a potential refinement of the process the manner in which Dwayne Johnson has introduced his public to a very specific face expression, so as to create a distinct, recognizable look for his wrestling persona.

arock synthesis jpeg

Figure 3 : Dwayne Johnson’s trademark eyebrow raise, from his wrestling persona, “The Rock”

Due to its intricate sensibility toward social response, the prevalence of Fe may produce a varied attitude depending on the public. Here, one can catch sight of the manner in which this complex mechanism is impacting the expression of the other cognitive functions of the individual, perhaps making difficult to pinpoint his development. When in front of a blazing audience, Dwayne Johnson is seemingly contaminated by the atmosphere and, as his eyes start actively toggling, he expresses a profusion of tenuously organized ideas, putting his capacity for articulation to the test. This may suggest a strong influence of proactive/extraverted abstract perception (Ne).

atoggling synthesis jpeg

Figure 4 : Dwayne Johnson’s eyes toggle smoothly

On the other hand, when asked to reflect about his life experience in a more intimate occasion, he demonstrates a more dispassionate, meditative state, put in evidence notably by longer, more frequent pauses and heavier blinking, both indicative of his polar function, reactive/introverted logical judgement (Ti), but also by a recurring drift of the eyes downward and to the side, accompanied by a scowl with slanting outer edges, indicative of reactive/introverted concrete perception (Si).

ascowl synthesis jpeg

Figure 5 : Dwayne Johnson’s eyes are drifting to the side while he keeps a concentrated scowl

Two major modalities which help broaden the functional understanding of Fe are defined as “adaptive” and “directive”. Again, some cultures may be inclined to interpret this dichotomy as comparable to the one between “feminine” and “masculine”. Nonetheless, it appears that, for a plurality of people, both modes are seemingly difficult to pull appart. In this case, one could maybe attribute Dwayne Johnson’s forward approach to advice and overall assertive personality as a mean to give ethical direction to his environment, to “shepherd” others, notably through the moral criteria of “success”. Yet, whereas some people would be quick to declare themselves successful on their own, through thick and thin, Dwayne Johnson is seemingly more concerned about collective recognition. Presumably to help in this prospect, he does not refrain from playing along his partners or emulating their behaviors, particularly by laughing ostentatiously at the entertaining jokes, before pushing for an appropriate comeback. His overall development could therefore be referred as the “charismatic charmer” shade of the FeSi/Alemer type.

alaugh synthesis jpeg

Figure 6 : Dwayne Johnson overtly laugh at George Lopez’s banter, before launching his witty retort

In any case, even though it is a versatile tool, having Fe as a leading function is not a spontaneous recipe for public achievement. According to retrospectives from journalists David Shoemaker and Leonardo Splinter, Dwayne Johnson first attempt at showmanship in wrestling, through the character of “Rocky Maivia”, was deemed “an epic failure” by the man himself. After enduring being consistently booed on the ring, he managed to adapt himself by turning his “babyface” performance into a villainous “heel”, paradoxically getting more cheers by being hostile. It may have help that, when prevalent Fe-users simply rest their face, the residual tension of zygomatici muscles is evoking somewhat of an “upset” look.


If you wish to examine an even more exacerbated example of this FiSe/Alemer development style, you can take a look at Terry Crews.

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