Aurora Aksnes (Analysis)

If there ever were a real-life forest fae creature, it would be Aurora Aksnes 🙂 She is an exceptionally clear example of a FiNe of the Seelie Fairy subtype. Her demeanor is friendly and benevolent, emotionally expressive, yet subtle, private and independent. Her eyes toggle softly, and her body sways slightly on occasion, as is characteristic of Ne as a secondary function. She has an upright, rigid posture and her energy recedes, which is indicative of Ji. She pauses and disengages her eyes down quite a bit, as she contemplates her convictions or how to precisely say what she’s articulating, as is typical with Ji. However, unlike with Ti, this pausing doesn’t disengage the subtle tension in her face; there is the feeling of suspended emotional energy present in her that never completely neutralizes, as is evident in these screen captures taken from the above interview:

Figure 1: As she disengages down, her upper lip remains lifted slightly toward her nose, and there is a subtle pull in her cheeks around her mouth.

Aurora_Disengage_down Fi

She also often has a very pained expression, another key signal of the FiNe type. Her eyebrows tilt upward into a sorrowful expression and the corners of her mouth go down, being pulled by the emotional tension in her face. At times she looks like she’s about to cry, where what she is communicating in the moment isn’t sorrowful at all (as seen in Figure 2).

Pained_Expression_Aurora Fi

Figure 2: Her eyebrows tilt upward in a concerned, sorrowful appearance as her mouth contracts in a grimace.

If we notice how she is speaking, we see even more signs of Fi as her leading process. As is common with Ji-leads, especially those who have Fi with a seelie disposition, there is a humble air to her speech. It’s recessive and therefore unobtrusive, soft and almost whispery at times, and the subjective direction of Fi – being an introverted function – makes her ethical statements come across as personal opinions rather than dictations of a universal ethical code (as they tend to in some cases with Fe).

She approaches topics mainly from the perspective of how she feels about them, and describes a sort of universal interest in people and feelings. She describes her creative process and reason for making music as a method of dealing with her own sensitivity to feelings, as quoted:

“When I write, I kind of observe and I feel. It’s kind of.. most of my songs aren’t even my own experiences, it’s just the things I know that are going on in people I don’t even know, or my family, or me sometimes. And.. I’m very sensitive and I think about things way too much, so it helps to put them away in boxes.”

What she describes here; a universal, almost theoretical knowledge of feelings and the personal, introverted affectation from this knowledge, is something very common in the FiNe type. She describes herself as ‘sensitive’ and thinking ‘too much’. Unlike with Ti, Fi can’t neutralize emotions, even if they are seen as irrational or superfluous to a direction of thought, and so Aurora has come up with a very intelligent way of dealing with emotional overwhelm as an Fi-lead; she expresses her feelings in a creative manner through song.

Aurora is a very private and independent person. This is evident in something she says in the second interview below:

“I played the piano when I was six, and I started writing songs when I was nine. I don’t think my family even knew that I wrote songs, or that I sang at all before I was around fourteen.”

In her music videos, as well, she displays a very personal, eccentric creativity which doesn’t conform to typical social expectations. Overall, she describes her experience of being a musician as a passionate and personal expression rather than a means to get into the social spotlight or be financially successful.

Another interview where Aurora expresses the magical aura of the FiNe Seelie Fairy:

Her website:

Aurora moth

Very much along the lines of her nature, Aurora’s site features her costumed as a moth and has a section for members titled “Warriors and Weirdos”. This section is said to be ‘secret’ posts for people who resonate with Aurora and her music.

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