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When I first discovered typology, I combed the net for any resource I could get my hands on. I was on a quest to discover my type and was perpetually left unsatisfied with the information out there. It wasn’t until I had my video reviewed by CT, that I finally got an answer that made sense. The analysis was thorough and nuanced; accurately describing my type tendencies in a way that strongly resonated with me. Finally, I felt seen and validated! I was so happy with my results that I had my mom, brothers, husband, and friends submit videos to be typed, all had the same precision in their results. Now, I use CT as my main resource for anything personality related. Also, everything is current and relevant. I encourage anyone who wants to learn more about themselves, and their personality type to come here, worth every penny!

NiFe Leahnora R.

“I was thrilled to find Cognitive Type after trying to conduct research about the correlates between trust and function variations between people. I was frustrated with the lack of a standard metric for typing people and looking at their function use. The fact that Jung’s cognitive functions kept coming up in many schemas (and are foundational for typology systems like Socionics, the MBTI and Keirsey) and the fact that there seemed to be consistency between expert typologists made me think there was something very “real” about the functions, but the methodologies for identifying them in users was too variable. Cognitive Type breaks down the patterns people have been seeing for over 100 years but haven’t been able to put their finger upon. The theory has also updated as the data has led.”

NeFi Deanna