We study the connection between our expressions and psychology.

We’re a research project dedicated to understanding how cognitive processing creates our visual expressions. Following in the footsteps of Dr. Paul Ekman, pioneer of the universal link between facial expressions and emotional states, we ask this question: does the correlation between internal experience and outward expressions extend to other mental activities such as abstract visualization, memory recall, language processing, articulation and cross-contextualization?

Reading thoughts?

By observing hundreds of samples, we are developing a predictive model that deduces what kind of mental processing a person is engaged in, on a second-by-second basis. We’ve cataloged approximately 100 signals that consistently describe different cognitive experiences. By learning how to identify these signals in your environment, you can visually discern a person’s psychology with a high degree of accuracy.


As we study these 100+ signals and their proportions in the population, we find that the majority of people rely heavily – if not exclusively – on certain signal clusters while largely excluding others. And because these signals indicate certain psychological processes, they reveal a striking reliance on certain modes of thinking. These signal proportions are measured to determine the overall psychological profile that a person has. For more information on these psychological profiles, check out our profile pages.


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